April News

April News

Coronavirus: It will come as no shock to most that the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic are beginning to show for many. We are not talking even about the infection, just that many of us in the tech industry are now home bound. This, it turns out, is a double-edged sword as, while working from home is possible, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see that, once quarantine has lifted, there will be a good few cases of cabin fever. Fortunately, we have written a handy guide to help you cope with working from home: http://lam-way.com/blogarticle-how-to-survive-working-from-home-during-quarantine-4.html

Alas, it seems unlikely that the quarantine will lift any time soon. Please stay safe, be good to one another and keep yourselves occupied.

Grapevine Local: on a more lighthearted note, the coming weeks will see the launch of a new social media platform called Grapevine Local.

So, what is Grapevine Local? Grapevine Local is a new community hub that brings the people living and working in your area together. It’s a free and flexible hub where people who live, work, or even pass through the local community can quickly and effortlessly connect and converse, without the clutter. Looking for somewhere to eat? Fancy the theatre? Maybe you want to know what local events are taking place in your area or find out what events are happening where you’re visiting? It’s as simple as logging in and seeing what people are saying about the local amenities.

Go visit www.grapevinelocal.co.uk or download the app and sign up today!

Artificial Intelligence: there are many varying opinions when it comes to artificial intelligence, but one of our team has their own thoughts on the current state of what we call AI. Read their blog post by clicking the link here: http://lam-way.com/blogarticle-artificially-intelligent-3.html