June News

June News

Coronavirus Update: You will have likely seen the numerous updates on the news regarding where the country is with the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, it appears as though the worst of it is over, but we cannot rest on our laurels. Continue to remain vigilant, abide by social distancing and make sure you wash your hands.

We must continue to thank all health-care workers out there helping us stay safe and putting their own health at risk so that ours stays well.

Click here to read our blog post about how the pandemic has effected business: http://www.lam-way.com/blogarticle-effects-of-covid-19-on-business-10.html

Services: As a way of expanding Lamway further, we aim to continue to delve into more details regarding our services and how we can help you. In our latest blog post, we discuss what Lamway has to offer regarding Project Management.

Read the article here: http://www.lam-way.com/blogarticle-services-–-project-management-11.html

Grapevine: We are proud to announce that Grapevine, the new social media platform that aims to bring your community together, is now live! It’s a free and flexible hub where people who live, work, or even pass through the local community can quickly and effortlessly connect and converse, without the clutter. Looking for somewhere to eat? Fancy the theatre? Maybe you want to know what local events are taking place in your area or find out what events are happening where you’re visiting? It’s as simple as logging in and seeing what people are saying about the local amenities.

Go visit www.grapevinelocal.co.uk or download the app and sign up today!