Service - Application Testing

Application Testing

Implementing testing programmes on applications, websites, and mobile apps.

Testing Software

Our experienced test engineers can review your application and provide feedback on any bugs/issues and usability concerns. Testing includes exception testing, black box testing, unit tests, development of test cases, and exploratory testing.

Cross Browser/App Testing

There is a proliferation of browsers, operating systems, and devices. Our testers will review your application on a variety of devices/browsers in order to cover as many of your users' platforms.

Load/Speed Testing

It is important your applications/websites load in accordance with the exceptions of your users. We can implement testing to benchmark your load/speed and then help you identify potential improvements to loading issues.

Client Portfolio

Here are some examples of our work in this area.

Grapevine Local - Application Exploratory Testing

Grapevine Local asked us to review their application, website, and mobile apps for any defects based on the scope they gave to their software developers. We implemented exploratory testing and found numerous issues relating to security, data protection, interface issues, and design inconsistencies.

Blue Peak IT - Application Testing

Blue Peak IT asked us to implement their website build, and as part of this insisted on a wide ranging approach to browser compatibility. We used cross browser testing tools to ensure the entire website was compatible with the 5 browsers including checking the last 20 versions of each of those browsers. We also testing across different operating systems, and reported back on the results.

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