Service - Data Management

Data Management

Using data analytics skills to manage/interpret/clean business data

Data Analysis

Our team of analysts can provide you with detailed analytics on any key business decision you are making. They can review large datasets and turn your data into the insights you are looking for.

Data Management/Cleansing

We offer various services related to data management - including data cleansing, data collection, data enrichment, data validation, transcription, and data normalisation.

Dashboards/Reporting Tools

We work with various online dashboarding tools, and can help you to launch/configure the dashboard solution within your business. This includes setup of the dashboard tools, importing and scheduling of data feeds, and configuring specific dashboards for your business teams.

Client Portfolio

Here are some examples of our work in this area.

Sapphire Trade Services – Spreadsheet Tracker

Sapphire Trade Services was having trouble keeping control of their marketing activities and incoming call logs. We implemented a standardised approach for sales/marketing staff to control the marketing work. We also implemented a dashboard analysing the key data so that they could more easily make marketing decisions.

Data Categorisation

We implemented a data categorisation algorithm for someone who needed a series of training sessions into different categories. The algorithm automatically analysed the training session description/title and compared the similarity to a series of categories. The most likely category was then assigned to the training session, and additional optimisations carried out to improve the algorithm.


Our transcription service was used by an individual looking to transcribe video content into text. The videos consisted of interviews about agile project management. Our triple check transcription service ensured that the interviews were accurately transcribed into text.

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