Service - Marketing Applications

Marketing Applications

Specialisation in marketing applications/software including CRM and Ecommerce platforms

Launching Marketing SaaS

We have expertise in launching various Marketing tools within businesses, including Salesforce, ZohoCRM, SugarCRM, Adobe Marketing Cloud, OneBusiness, Marketo, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Marketing Analytics

Our expert team of marketing analysts can help you plot the trends within your marketing, work out ROI, and provide you with insights into how to optimise your marketing activities.

Marketing Process Automation

We can review your existing marketing processes and propose technologies that will help automate your marketing processes.

Client Portfolio

Here are some examples of our work in this area.

Mumble Books – Data Visualisation

Mumble Books had a prolific amount of data, from sales, customer, and inventory. We implemented data feeds and dashboards to display and visualise the data. Feeds included data from: Google Analytics, Campaign Results, Social Media Platforms, Alexa Website Ranking, Competitive Analysis, Sales Data, and Customer Demographics.

Fortitude Bali – SEO Manager

Fortitude Bali needed to improve the SEO on their website, and keep on top of issues in the future. We carried out some initial SEO optimisations on their website. We trained Fortitude on understanding SEO tools available to them. We also implemented an SEO monitoring tool, they used for tracking the results of the website and monitoring any other improvements over time.

Blue Spark Publishing – Email Sendout

Blue Spark Publishing needed to share email content with over 200 different hobby/sports groups. We implemented software to help them centralise their customer data, manage their templates, and automatically feed content into their emails. We integrated with their chosen email platform Mailchimp to sendout the emails, and pulled back all campaign results into our data visualisation platform.

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