Service - Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Software development of mobile apps for Iphone and Android

Mobile App Design

Our experienced designers will design mobile experiences that are fit for todays mobile consumers. Optimising the user experience, loading speed, and look/feel of mobile apps is essential to a successful launch.

Native Android/IPhone Apps

Our development team can build native mobile apps that work on both Android and Iphone. We manage the entire process of designing, building, testing, and deploying your apps to the App stores.

Responsive Mobile Apps

Alternatively, we can build responsible web apps that work within the Android and IPhone app stores.

Client Portfolio

Here are some examples of our work in this area.

Tristom Labs – Responsive Application

Tristom Labs needed to update their application to work on mobile. We updated their application to respond responsively to the device of the user. Updating grid structures, dashboards, add/edit pages, and data views, to work appropriately on various devices. The app was then compiled into Android and Apple in order to convert to an app.

Fortitude Bali – Responsive Website

Fortitude Bali had major issues with mobile users accessing their website, seriously detrimental to their membership signup results. We implemented additional code on their website to make it responsive for use on mobile phones. We updated the page layouts to work in the future in a responsive way, and reviewed the user flow for finding membership details.

Why choose us?

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Cost Effective

We offer competitive hourly rates for team members.

High Quality

All of our work is consistently achieving extremely high quality finishes.


Our team have a wealth of experience and can put you on the right track.


We will involve you regularly in the process and keep you up-to-date with latest progress.

Latest Technology

We use the latest technology to ensure your system design is accurate.

Agile Approach

We can work in an agile way to support your design project.