Service - OneBusiness Implementation

OneBusiness Implementation

Implementing our own software as a service platform into your business

OneBusiness Setup

We can help you get our proprietary technology OneBusiness up and running within your business. OneBusiness provides various business apps including Retail/eCommerce tools, HR tools, Sales/Marketing, and Data Analytics.

OneBusiness App Configuration

Our expert OneBusiness team can help you configure OneBusiness to your needs using the standard off-the-shelf functionality. Configuration of the tool to your business helps to ensure it is in-line with the processes within your business.

OneBusiness Customisation

OneBusiness has capabilities that allow you to build your own custom apps, or enhance existing apps with your own functionality. Our team can implement additional coding to automate your processes, and help you get the most out of OneBusiness.

Client Portfolio

Here are some examples of our work in this area.

Packitsafe – Ecommerce Manager

Packitsafe had a problem with keeping their ecommerce sites uptodate with their latest product data. With over 2,000 different products and 4 different marketplaces, they needed a way of keeping them correct. We implemented OneEcommerce from the OneBusiness suite, and automatically started updating Amazon, Ebay, and their website immediately after they updated the product data.

Mumble Books – Social Manager

Mumble Books needed a way to consistently manage their multiple social media accounts without manually adding content each day. We implemented OneSocial, OneSocialShare, OneSocialFollower, and OneSocialMonitor, a suite of Social Media Management tools used to manage social media accounts.

IPV – Product Manager

Innovative Product Ventures needed a way to manage their new product design and development processes. We implemented OneProductDefinition, an app allowing them to centralise all of the data, manage product variations, keep images together, and share ideas amongst team members. The app also integrates with OneProduct and OneEcommerce to automatically create the products once approved.

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