Service - Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

Experienced technical knowledge to help you solve architectural, security and data needs

Business Technology Mapping/Procurement

Helping you to analyse your business technology needs, working out what technology would best suite those needs, and then working with your procurement/technical teams to obtain the needed technology. This includes helping with technology platform re-architecting, and major changes to your platforms/systems.

Technology Team Management

Our experienced consultants can provide temporary team leadership during periods where you are transitioning teams or hiring new people. They can also work within your business on an ongoing contract basis to manage your technology team. This is usually very helpful during periods where you are building brand new platforms, or re-architecting existing platforms.

Risk/Security Auditing

Managing application security processes like GDPR compliance can be complex. Our team can manage your security/risk management process to ensure your business has all the appropriate security compliance procedures in place on your technology.

Client Portfolio

Here are some examples of our work in this area.

Packitsafe – Server Architecture Design

Packitsafe is an established ecommerce packaging company, and asked us to implement an overall technical plan for their business. We implemented a server architecture design, in order to understand their current technology stack, and to propose a future state for their server/technical architecture.

Blue Spark Publishing – Design Documentation

Tristom Labs needed to ensure their application was as secure as possible. We implemented a security audit of the application in order to find vulnerabilities. All vulnerabilities were prioritised based on risk. Once Tristom Labs had updated the threats, we implemented additional tests to verify the security risks had been resolved.

Mumble Books – Business Technology Map

Mumble Books used multiple technology platforms to implement various business functions. The applications had significant overlap and data was held in multiple systems unnecessarily. We implemented a Technology Map to understand what they were using, and then proposed alternative technology solutions that removed the duplications.

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