Service - UI Design

UI Design

Using our expertise in user experience design and user interface design to build applications

User Interface Design

We can take you through a journey of discovery, working out what your application/website should look like. This includes creating Style Guides, Wireframes, Mockups, and Interface Designs for your project.

User Experience Design

Our User Experience designers can help you to understand the way users are engaging with your application/website, and can propose improvements that will result in higher usage or better conversion for your users.

User Application Design

We have experience of building highly complex applications, and can use our UI/UX team to implement User Journeys, build Clickable Prototypes, and create Story Boards.

Client Portfolio

Here are some examples of our work in this area.

Blue Peak IT – Website UI Design

Blue Peak IT was looking for a clean high-tech look for their new website. We helped them develop their logo design, choose their colour pallete, and manage font and iconography consistency. We then designed their website page layouts and UI design so that the website would match the chosen brand elements.

Mumble Books – Ecommerce Style Guide

Mumble Books looked for a clean design for their ecommerce website, in order to ensure customers could easily locate the books they were looking for. We implemented a simple ecommerce template and created a style guide for Mumble Books to use across all their assets going forward. We cleaned up elements of the website that did not match the new style guide.

Tristom Labs – Wireframes / User Experience Design

Tristom Labs was looking to implement a new UI/UX for their application, as their clients were complaining of inconsistency throughout the application. We created wireframes that standardised pages back to a series of 10 potential page layouts that every page had to comply too. We worked to clean up the user experience by optimising and simplifying navigation, button location etc.

Why choose us?

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Cost Effective

We offer competitive hourly rates for team members.

High Quality

All of our work is consistently achieving extremely high quality finishes.


Our team have a wealth of experience and can put you on the right track.


We will involve you regularly in the process and keep you up-to-date with latest progress.

Latest Technology

We use the latest technology to ensure your system design is accurate.

Agile Approach

We can work in an agile way to support your design project.