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Posted: 2021-01-29

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     In our continued drive to promote the services Lamway offers, this month’s blog post pertains to our ongoing commitment to eCommerce Management.

     Here at Lamway, we employ a team of expert eCommerce professionals that can help you with every aspect of eCommerce management. They can help you launch your online store, and configure/setup eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, and Amazon.

    In order to help with this, our key feature within Lamway is the OneBusiness application, which has a variety of eCommerce apps designed to automate the management process. This includes pricing, product updates, stock management, and processing of orders. OneBusiness can be fully integrated with eCommerce platforms and our team can help you setup and launch OneBusiness software within your eCommerce business.

    We understand that eCommerce advertising can be extremely complex for businesses in a competitive marketplace. With our expertise in, we can easily bring a wealth of knowledge of how best to use CRM, Google Ads, Google Merchant Centre, Facebook Shopping, Instagram Shopping etc.

    Here are a just a few examples of our work with clients in eCommerce management and OneBusiness integration:

                                                   Packitsafe – eCommerce Management

    Packitsafe is a complex ecommerce business, selling across multiple marketplaces, with many products. We implemented the OneBusiness suite of tools for ecommerce designed to automate product data updates, manage orders, manage stock, analyse data, and automate real time pricing algorithms.

                                       Mumble Books – eCommerce OneBusiness Management

    Mumble Books found themselves manually updating their product data on a website, and getting very little sales. We helped them implement Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping, and Facebook Shopping. We then carried on maintaining these sites for them, ensuring that product data is updated and pricing is regularly optimised.

                                                    Blue Wonder – eCommerce Advertising

    Blue Wonder implemented an ecommerce platform on their website and then asked us to implement their advertising processes. We reviewed the website and worked with them to implement various advertising methodologies for their products: 1) Blog articles, 2) Website SEO, 3) Google Merchant centre advertising, 4) Facebook advertising

  We offer competitive hourly rates for team members and all of our work is consistently achieving extremely high quality finishes. Our team have a wealth of experience and can put you on the right track.

                                         If you’re interested, please contact us to discuss more