Our Services

We focus on marketing technology platforms and services. Our skilled engineers, project managers, and marketing consultants can help you with many of your marketing project needs. We have a fantastic mix of technical understanding, marketing expertise, and creative excellence. 

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Our Key Services

Website Development

Building beautiful and informative websites that entice people to use your business

Project Management

Providing technical experience and expertise to ensure the best possible implementation

Application Design

Using our deep insights to design applications that meet your business needs

Application Testing

Implementing testing programmes on applications, websites, and mobile apps

Ecommerce Management

Specialisation in ecommerce management across many ecommerce platforms

Software Development

Building bespoke applications for your various business needs

CRM Setup / Customisation

Implementing CRM platforms within your business, including Salesforce, Adobe, and Zoho

User Interface Design

Using our expertise in user experience design and user interface design to build applications

Marketing Applications

Specialisation in marketing applications/software including CRM and Ecommerce platforms 

Mobile App Development

Software development of mobile apps for Iphone and Android

Technical Consultancy

Experienced technical knowledge to help you solve architectural, security and data needs

Online Digital Marketing

Marketing activities including managing campaigns, SEO, SEM, and social media management

Data Management

Using data analytics skills to manage/interpret/clean business data

Maintenance & Support

Offering client hosting services including managing on-site hosting environments, and hosting cloud solutions

Social Media Marketing

Implementing social media campaigns including post creation and paid advertising optimisation