A collection of some of our favourite projects.

Below we give you a taste of some of the projects we have carried out over the last few years. These span from CRM, custom web development, consulting on marketing strategy, building custom mobile apps, and more.

Grapevine Local

Build of a community platform used by clubs / associations / businesses to communicate and engage with their local communities. Providing clubs with technology they need to run their club efficiently. Local residents can integrate with their community and use the tool via desktop, web, and mobile apps.

Our Website builds

Website Setup

We have extensive experience in building websites for a variety of different clients. This includes Tristom Labs, Blue Peak IT, Grapevine Local, and Fortitude Bali.

All our websites are tested thoroughly, optimised for SEO, and managed via a content management system like Sharepoint.

Glenigan - Platform Technical Consultancy

Glenigan provide lead data to thousands of construction companies. We provided technical resources to help with their team management, platform design, and technical oversight. Projects included managing building new applications, analysing industry trends, re-architecting the platform, moving to the cloud, and managing API integrations.

Packitsafe - eCommerce Management

Packitsafe is a complex ecommerce business, selling across multiple marketplaces, with many products. We implemented the OneBusiness suite of tools for ecommerce designed to automate product data updates, manage orders, manage stock, analyse data, and automate real time pricing algorithms.

Blue Spark Publishing - Social Automation Platform

Blue Spark Publishing needed a way of advertising their hundreds of hobby/sports websites in an automated way. We implemented a platform that took inputs like Google News, content searches, and procured data, and converted them into social sharing posts for auto sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Tumblr. The whole process was heavily automated to speed up output and create consistent marketing materials.

Mumble Books - Data Visualisation

Mumble Books had a prolific amount of data, from sales, customer, and inventory. We implemented data feeds and dashboards to display and visualise the data. Feeds included data from: Google Analytics, Campaign Results, Social Media Platforms, Alexa Website Ranking, Competitive Analysis, Sales Data, and Customer Demographics.

Fortitude Bali - SEO

Fortitude Bali needed to improve the SEO on their website, and keep on top of issues in the future. We carried out some initial SEO optimisations on their website. We trained Fortitude on understanding SEO tools available to them. We also implemented an SEO monitoring tool, they used for tracking the results of the website and monitoring any other improvements over time.