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Posted: 2020-07-24

16 - App Design

In our continued drive to promote the services Lamway offers, this month’s blog post pertains to an integral service Lamway provides – Application Design.

Lamway happily employs experienced business analysts and consultants who will work closely with you to fully identify your needs, develop software plans, and work out the overall scope for your software application. We will also develop detailed visual designs in the forms of wireframes, application mockups, and clickable prototypes, that will help give you confidence that the application design is appropriate for your business needs. We offer the perfect testing environment and welcome any feedback. We want what’s right for you.

As part of the process, we create the relevant documentation for development teams to ensure accurate and timely implementation of your software. This could include user stories, detailed functional requirements, and non-functional technical requirements.

Below are just a few examples of ongoing projects with have with our clients.

Packitsafe – Architecture Design

Packitsafe needed a technology solution to manage and automate some of their processes. As an established company they had various complex workflows that needed to be architected into a software solution. We documented their present and future states, created workflows for their processes, and designed their technology architecture for going forward with the new processes.

Blue Spark Publishing – Design Documentation

Blue Spark Publishing wanted to build an application to share content with various communities of sports/hobbies groups. We designed the application including: Overall application layout, Wireframing of pages, User stories, Architecture of API integrations, Architecture design

Tristom Labs – API Documentation

Tristom Labs had a number of API’s to integrate with and needed help to design their overall API approach. We created API documentation to help them understand the API’s they were using, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google Analytics, Google Maps, and others. We implemented an architectural design that they used to ensure all API’s were developed in the same way.

So why choose us Lamway? We’re cost effective and we offer competitive hourly rates for team members. We ensure that all of our work is consistently achieving extremely high-quality finishes and will continue at a project until the client in one hundred percent happy. Our team have a wealth of experience from varying backgrounds, and the varied knowledge ensure we can put you on the right track. Communication is always key, and we will involve you regularly in the process and keep you up-to-date with latest progress as frequently as you require. We use the latest technology to ensure your system design is accurate.

We pride ourselves in our flexibility and capacity to work in an agile way to support your design project.

If this sounds good to you, please contact us to discuss your project in more detail. We would love to hear from you.