Services – Project Management

Posted: 2020-05-28


In our continued drive to promote the services Lamway offers, this month’s blog post pertains to that all-important role of project managers.


Companies will always have projects that need implementing and, as such, there will be a need for project managers. However big or small that project is, we can provide experienced project managers to help you implement all your projects from conception to completion. Our project managers can work remotely or on-site and can be hired on a fulltime or part time basis, or for as long the contract requires.

Looking to implement agile and robust working practices in your business? We can help. As part of the service we offer detailed consultancy, with comprehensive advice, training, and implementation planning. Need to teach staff on how to use a new system in time for its implementation? Lamway offers comprehensive training to ensure your staff and company are not left behind.

Our experienced and qualified people can offer training to project managers, to help increase their skills, and assist them through becoming qualified APM/Prince2.

Our clients using our Project Management services include: Tristom Labs, Blue Peak IT, Grapevine Local, Glenigan, and Packitsafe.

If you are interested in speaking to us about our Project Management service, please get in touch using our Contact page on our website